What We’re Reading

I just love when my kids get absorbed in books I love, and right now it’s happening all over the place!

Riddle-master: The Complete Trilogy
 is a simply brilliant fantasy series by Patricia McKillip. I read the first few chapters aloud and Noa (17) got so hooked, she had to start reading ahead. Colter (15) is going to as well, but he had to finish the Sherlock Holmes short story he was reading first.

You can read my full review of this fabulous series here, and my paean to Raederle as one of the best strong female characters in fantasy literature here.

The Graveyard Book
 is a recent one by a favorite author of mine, Neil Gaiman. I have yet to read anything written by Mr. Gaiman that I don’t adore. This is one of his children’s books but is most definitely suitable and delightful for adults as well. Kyler (11) has just started and is enjoying this one.

A Wrinkle in Time is one of those books I have read so many times, I couldn’t begin to count them all. I definitely count it as one of the best-loved books of my childhood, however, and apparently Mica (9) is loving it too! If it is one you somehow missed, please do yourself a favor and go catch up!

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