When Strewing Is Successful

“Strewing” is the practice of leaving interesting things in your children’s path to spark their interest. Unschoolers tend to swear by it!

Over at the Christian Unschooling blog we’re exploring the topic of strewing this month. Aadel discussed how strewing is like sowing seeds: a farmer knows only a few seeds will germinate, so he sows far more than he expects to reap. Karen shared how to kill the strewing experience with heavy expectations that kids must love everything you strew.

Today I wrote about what happens when you strew just the right thing at just the right time. My own daughter’s artistic abilities (which I have written about here before) took off like a rocket when I paid attention to her needs and strewed just the right things in her path to help her over a learning hump.

Go read An Artistic Strewing Success Story and think about how you might be able to strew something in your own child’s path that will help her achieve her dreams.

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