Ready, Set, Stockings!

Running late, we just got our Christmas tree up this weekend and so it was our family’s traditional time for stockings! We told the story of who St. Nicholas was, as we usually do, and then sent them to the nativity scene for their first stocking search clue, written on an index card:

Stocking three, stocking four, stockings one and two;
We’re playing a hide-and-seek game with you!
Look high, look low, look left, look right:
Look somewhere you ALL like to sleep at night!

They all like to sleep in the king-size bed in our master bedroom, so this was an easy clue! There they found this card on the pillows:

Your stockings are not tucked up snug in bed.
You all must be wondering, scratching your heads.
They weren’t in the manger under starlight;
Try another place inside where the stars shine bright.

It took only a few moments for them to decide the inside stars must be on the newly decorated Christmas tree. It took a few more moments to discover the next index card, tucked away midway up the tree:

You’re looking for stockings you haven’t yet found.
Keep it up! Surely they’re somewhere around!
If you had a magic lamp to rub-a-dub-dub,
It might give this advice: go and check in your tub.

In the bathtub, they found a stack of neatly folded new pajamas, with another clue card on top:

Now you’ve got clothes to warm you at night,
But still your stockings are nowhere in sight.
Have a close look at the family TV –
Perhaps there is something new there to see!

Inside the doors of the TV cabinet was a new VeggieTales DVD. Inside the DVD was the final clue card:

You still haven’t found your stockings quite yet,
But this final clue contains a sure bet!
“We’re lying quite low, so full are we filled!
We’re hiding with toys that are your favorite to build!”

This clue of course led to their Lego table, where the stockings were hidden in the drawer underneath. Much merriment ensued, and we got it all on tape!

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