support groups & co-ops

The Easy Way to Run a Homeschool Group

It’s not a NO-work homeschool group, but definitely LESS work. Still sound good? I’m the leader of my local homeschool support group. We’re pretty laid-back, so much so that I really don’t consider myself the “leader” … I fulfill more Read More

How to Homeschool History Painlessly!

I don’t teach our homeschool history co-op class. Instead, I facilitate independent and autonomous self-studies initiated by the students. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and it’s a fun, easy co-op method that works well for any type of Read More

Time for Homeschool Yearbooks!

Everyone enjoys a memento book for the year spent with friends and fellow students, but few people enjoy the time and labor of creating one, especially if the burden falls on just one or two people to create a yearbook Read More