How We Unschool: Singing, Dancing, and NaNoWriMo

Have we been BUSY around here! Okay, mostly me, the chauffeur. The four kids get to rotate activities, but I have to take at least a small part in each and every one!

1 ~ First we have our speeches. Colter and Kyler are both taking part in a Toastmasters class with a bunch of homeschooled friends – all boys, though that wasn’t deliberate, it just worked out that way!

Kyler is youngest in the class, which goes from 11 to 15, and he won best speech of the day for his effort on bronies! A brony, in case you are among the uninitiate, is a new term coined from “brother” and “pony” and indicates a teen or older boy who enjoys watching … wait for it … the new incarnation of My Little Pony.

2 ~ Colter, almost 15, in the dapper hat and untucked shirt (it did start out nicely tucked, I promise), is boogying down with the girl in black … with an audience! This is a dance hosted by some friends of ours who invited several homeschool groups to participate and had a great turnout! (Poor, unsocialized homeschoolers …)

homeschool dance

3 ~ Kyler, 11, has decided he likes to cook. Brownies, anyway. :)

learning to cook

4 ~ November means NaNoWriMo at my house. And NaNo means writing sleepovers! Well, writing all-nighters; not much sleeping takes place.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month … which for some inscrutable reason is in busy November rather than January when no one has anything to do and everyone is going cabin fever crazy. Whatever.

The idea of NaNo is WRITING. Just writing. No revising, editing, or even overthinking. It is GET YOUR NOVEL OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND ONTO PAPER month! Once you “win” NaNo, you can go back and do all the editing and rewrites you need. “Winning” involves hitting a word count goal of 50,000, or a chosen word count goal for kids in the Young Writers program.

Requisite for NaNo sleepover: writing friends, story ideas, laptops for everyone, drawing material, stuffies, and a cat who enjoys unhygienic behavior. Halloween candy optional, but a bonus.


5 ~ Our theatre group (all homeschoolers) is setting The Comedy of Errors in goldrush California, complete with a knee-slapping western-style dance scene. Bottom left are Kyler and Mica, trying to do what the choreographer is showing them.


6 ~ Noa recently joined a young women’s choir and had her first performance! Beautiful singing!

How have you been unschooling?


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