How We Unschool: Mining, Building, Exploring!

1 ~ “This is so cool.” [40 seconds later] “Okay, this is SO cool.” [30 seconds later] “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” This AND MORE LIKE IT from my ten-year-old son, after I referred him to CodeAcademy, billed as the easiest way to learn to code – and it’s free!

2 ~ My daughters just joined a girls’ choir and had the opportunity to sing the national anthem during opening ceremonies for the Arizona Cardinals! That’s Mica, just turned nine, on the back row second from the right. Noa was not feeling well and didn’t get to take advantage of this opportunity.

3 ~ We took a road trip to Jerome with some good friends. Jerome is an old mining town turned ghost town turned artists’ community! It is incredibly picturesque and giant pieces of mining machinery are used to decorate the streets.

Outside the mining museum, an entire mining trolley is lined up with all the paraphernalia. Lots of fun to explore.

4 ~ Here’s an impromptu display of physics! Noa and her best friend (also unschooled) managed to construct an awning-type shelter in our basement using walking sticks, sheets, and clippies from the kitchen.

5 ~ Colter and a good friend volunteered at a local Vacation Bible School, working in the classroom with young children. Colter was surprised to find how much he really enjoyed working with the kids, and of course they loved him!

6 ~ A family trip to explore some Native American ruins netted a lot of hiking and some really cool exploring!

7 ~ Lava caves! The boys and their dad went on a hiking weekend and explored this lava cave. It was a nice hot day but they had to bundle up to go down inside.

Apparently it was quite wonderfully creepy inside, full of mist and pitch dark.

How have you been unschooling?

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