Can Christians be Unschoolers?

There are a lot of varied opinions about homeschooling, but one that persists is a belief that unschooling is not something good Christians would or should do.

The claim is that it is unbiblical somehow. Apparently because God is a god of order, somehow that means there is only one right way to educate children, and that right way is a human-created and state-sponsored method that has been around for only the last hundred years or so.

As you may imagine, this is a concept that interests the contributing authors over at Christian Unschooling, of which I am one. Walking in Dad’s Shoes: Biblical Unschooling is my contribution to our discussion of the topic this month.

When I was researching homeschooling, I looked into what the Bible had to say about educating children. It really doesn’t say much, except to say: teach your children about God by making it a part of the fabric of your life. Even the famously quoted “train up a child in the way he should go” is clearly referencing a child’s spiritual walk, not his academic achievements.

Pop on over and read the rest!

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