%$#**&(#@ HMOs

How is it that, after years on Cigna, I finally find a doctor I like, who doesn’t think I’m a complete nut case, who is fine with me using her as a diagnostician and supports me in researching gentler remedies, who has never lectured me even once for our alternative views on vaccinations … how is it that, now, after having this great doctor for myself and my kids for just a little while, our company switches to a different HMO? Don’t they know how many different doctors I had to slog through, over many years, to find the one decent doctor on Cigna? I don’t have the heart to do it all over again … it’s just not in me … [sigh] … (NO, she is not on the new health plan; first thing I checked!)

Monkey Cake! Monkey Cake!

No Monkey Cake!About a month ago, nearly four-year-old Kyro said he wanted a crocodile cake for his birthday. Then he switched to requesting a scorpion cake, for a day, after looking at a book on scorpions. The next day, out of the blue, he insisted that he wanted a monkey cake. For more than a week, every time his birthday was mentioned, he would start jumping up and down, shrieking, “Monkey Cake! MONKEY CAKE!” to the point where no conversation was possible (like it ever IS, with him?).

So, after much doodling, scribbling, muttering, and online viewing of cartoon monkey figures, I decided how to decorate the monkey cake. I baked the cake Saturday evening, and Sunday morning I had it assembled and was icing it when he stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen. I held him up to look and said, “See? Here’s your monkey cake!”

With an astonished look he turned on me and said, “Monkey cake? I don’wanna [expletives would have been inserted here, had he known any] MONKEY cake!!!

Guess what, he got MONKEY CAKE for his birthday. I’m sure no one is surprised to learn he just turned four. (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.)