As the Wood Turns

So I was bopping around on my computer yesterday and happened upon a the notice for a demonstration of wood turning by a local artisan. The demo started at 2:00. It was already 1:55 and we were 20 minutes away (plus Colter getting dressed … hey, it was Saturday). We went anyway.

Just Noa, Colter, and me … hubby stayed home with the younger kids who weren’t interested. We hopped in the car and headed downtown on one of the coldest days we ever have around here … high of 48 degrees! Local artist Paul Porter had already made a rolling pin, but we got to see the crafting of a turned wooden bowl, start to finish.

Setting up the wood block on the lathe:

Rounding off the outside:

Hollowing out the center:

Pile of shavings:

Practical Art, where the demonstration was happening:

Of course Noa had to art the art! She loves sketching people in action:

The whole sketch and inking took her less than fifteen minutes:

Paul Porter signed her finished sketch!

He actually lathed off the bottom as well, rather than just sawing it off, which was pretty cool. After all this, somehow I forgot to snap a picture of the final bowl! (Maybe because it was 40-something degrees out, and I wanted to go inside for my hot tea.)

Oh well … it was beautiful and looked a bit like this one, also by Paul Porter, except the bark was left on the top edge of the bowl.

After watching the bowl being made start to finish, we went into the gallery and had some hot tea to warm up and browsed the charming gallery. (And maybe bought a beautiful artisanal cheese cutter shaped like a harp.)

On the way home, Noa looked at me and said, “If you ever suggest going to some kind of art exhibition or demonstration and I say I’m not interested, just slap me and drag me along anyway.”



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