How We Unschool: Jungle Book, Family Weddings, and Why I Haven’t Posted Much Lately

So, yeah. I haven’t gotten on my blog a lot lately, and frankly every May will look sparse around here – there’s always so much going on! This May in particular is even busier than usual.

1 ~ My kids are all active in a homeschool theater group. We do Shakespeare in the fall and lighter fare in the spring. Right now we are about to wrap Jungle Book, and I’m the mom in charge of sets. (I knew that Tech Theater class would come in handy someday!) Here I’ve got a group of helpful teens making a papier-mâché throne for King Louie.

2 ~ Yesterday, my dad got married! He’s been widowed twice and met a new lady while visiting me a year ago. So we spent the week, as you may imagine, cleaning house, shopping, and otherwise getting ready for a fun wedding. They had all the grandkids who could be in town stand up with them as attendants, and my daughter and her cousin decorated the cake, as you can see.

And as you may imagine, finishing sets and getting ready for a wedding has consumed my week, and my kids’ week, so that is my update for today !

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