How We Unschool: Drums, Avatars, and Saying Goodbye

A few things that have been happening around our house lately.

1 ~ Kyler, age 10, had his first music recital. He’s been taking drum lessons for about a year now. The song he’s playing along with is “Boomerang” by Plain White T’s.

2 ~ Cleaning up the computer room, we came across a stack of old cassette tapes. Of course we had to stop cleaning and inspect the tapes and take them apart to see how they worked! (Hey, you have your excuses to stop cleaning, and I have mine!)

3 ~ A family in our homeschool group is moving back east at the end of the month, and the oldest son is part of a very close group of boys his age. So the gang of boys (including both my sons) packed up and spent the day at Slide Rock Park with their buddy and all the hiking, diving, floating down river, and sunburning anyone could want. Nice way to say goodbye!

4 ~ Kyler (10) has been pestering me to get him a periodic table of the elements. He wants to learn all about them!

5 ~ Does this fit under P.E. or Home Ec? Dad took the heavy sunscreens off the high windows (see the top of the back door at the bottom of the picture?) and Noa and Colter got to climb up the ladders to clean off the cobwebs and then wash the windows while the screens were drying from their power wash with the hose. Seriously, those cobwebs between the screen and glass were getting scary big.

6 ~ We’ve been rewatching the entire three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender in anticipation of the release of the sequel series, Avatar: Legend of Korra. (This is NOT the movie with the blue people! It is an animated television series that predates that movie.) I don’t watch a whole lot of television with my kids but this series is really well done.

So we saw the last few episodes of Avatar: TLA today and had some enjoyable arguments about the way the characters were paired off at the end. (We all hate Mai and pity Zuko for ending up with her. I am firmly Zuko + Katara – they had more sparks between them than all the other characters combined! Plus, I think that having Toph marry Aang and call him Twinkle Toes for the rest of their lives would be fabulous! But Noa likes that Katara ended up marrying Aang. Meh.)

Of course, we had to go immediately to view the first episodes of Avatar: LOK. I didn’t know all my kids could imitate fan-girl squeals quite so well!

(Bonus: I spotted Megan Casey as the Executive in Charge of Production. Megan is the wife of my cousin Joe Casey, one of the creators of Ben 10. I knew she worked at Nickelodeon but it still surprised me to see her name pop up!)

7 ~ Pancakes! To eat while watching Avatar, of course.


What’s in your unschool?


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