How We Unschool: Play Pets, Plarn, and Feeding Hungry Children

Here are some quick takes on what’s been happening around here.

1 ~ If you recall the spectacular burn on my hand from a few weeks ago, you may remember the speculation on the shape of the scar. As we all hoped would happen, I have a near-perfect diamond on the back of my hand now. It hasn’t decided how much of a scar it wants to be yet: some days it appears quite dark and others it’s just a shadow, so I still don’t know what it will settle down into.

burned wrist
About six weeks old and fully healed.

2 ~ Mica, my eight-year-old, has a sudden obsession with Littlest Pet Shop toys. She’s played with them off and on for a few years, but suddenly she is watching all the LPS fan videos, collecting new LPS toys, purchasing large LPS playsets (with her own money!), and has started making LPS fan videos herself.

She’s constantly telling me new storyline ideas she’s thought up. One went something like this: There are two sisters, a newborn and a one-year-old girl. Their parents get divorced and each takes one child. They raise them separately and don’t tell either girl that she has a sister. The girls end up in school together and become enemies and fight, then become friends. And I just stared at her, knowing that she has never even seen The Parent Trap!

4 ~ We had an exciting Friday night at Feed My Starving Children, where we can go and hand-pack meals specially formulated for malnourished children, which are shipped to nearly 70 different countries. The cool thing is they make it so much fun, the kids wantto come back again! They blast upbeat music, and each table has at least six people working an assembly line to pack the meal bags, so when a box is filled everyone at the table yells “Table 3, Box FOUR!” and it becomes a playful competition who can fill the most boxes. “Pay it forward” donations are requested to purchase the foodstuffs so that the next group of people will have food to pack.

Volunteers working

5 ~ Noa has been playing piano for a while. I picked up a flute, mostly on a whim, because I thought she would really enjoy it. We’re wedging flute in alongside piano lessons, since her piano teacher teaches all the band instruments.

When I mentioned this to Noa, she stared at me and said, “But I’ve never really seen flutes in a band, except for maybe Celtic.” It took me a while to stop laughing long enough to explain school orchestras and marching band to my never-schooled daughter.

6 ~ I have finally started a simple little project that’s been in the back of my head for lo, these many moons: crocheting a plarn bottle cover. Plarn is plastic yarn, made from strips of plastic grocery bags (there are a couple of methods but this is the one I use). I drink a lot of kombucha which comes in lovely, heavy glass bottles and I just hate tossing them, even into recycling. So I’m trying my hand at a reusable water bottle by making a protective bottle cover from plarn, which is nice and cushiony and will hopefully serve both to protect it from little bumps and just maybe also hold the pieces together after a big bump.

Plarn Crochet Bottle Holder

7 ~ It is my BIRTHDAY next week, y’all! And to celebrate I got to pick out my own present: new dishes! I’ve used these colors in my kitchen for several years now but had drab dishes. Finally got the dishes I want and I love them! Plus, since they weren’t in box sets, I could choose to get as many plates as I want but not have to deal with twenty coffee mugs or salad plates.

New Dishes!


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