Daring Daylight Cat Rescue!

We were acquired by a cat about a year ago. She showed up on our back porch, clearly starved. When we fed her and then decided to keep her (after diligently checking for owners, of course), we discovered that she has perfect indoor manners. Her name is Ravi.

Speravi Hermione Hamilton-Ranger the 1st, aka “Ravi”

She’s a pretty smart cat. She stays indoors most of the time, but likes to go out for a while in the evening. She knocks politely to be let back inside. That is, she grabs the screen with her claws and releases it so that it snaps against the glass on the door, and it sounds exactly like a knock.

If I notice she’s still outside when I go to bed I will call her, but she does occasionally stay out all night. Then she’s at the door as soon as she hears me in the kitchen, demanding to come inside and eat.

Last night she went out and didn’t come back inside. This morning I heard a faint meowing – unusual; she rarely meows to be let in unless she thinks we aren’t answering her knock fast enough. And this didn’t sound like it was right at the door, either. So I stepped out onto the back porch and could hear her clearly, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Until I looked up …

Ravi on the roof
Ravi: “This is an unacceptable situation.”

And there she was, demanding I get her down from the roof. She didn’t take kindly to my suggestion that she jump into the nearby palm tree. There is a taller tree that she probably used to get to the roof, but I can see how jumping from small branches onto a sturdy roof is a more appealing thought than vice versa.

So we went for the ladder. Fortunately Colter and I were able to work out how to unleash the power of my husband’s Gorilla ladder – honestly, the thing is like a Rubik’s cube for roofers. But this is as high as he could get with it in the A-shape, and she just would not come close enough for him to get hold of her.

Lock on the ladder
Ravi: “You just have a ladder? No, seriously … where’s my airlift?”

So we unfolded it to full-length and he went up. She seemed to think it still looked too chancy, but she continued to cry to come down.

Ravi on the roof
Colter: “I’ll give you a liver treat …”

So he finally got all the way up and managed to calm her down.

Colter and Ravi on the roof
Ravi: “I’m still waiting on that airlift.”

Once he had a hold on her, he scooted down the roof to the ladder on his bottom and handed her off to me. I took her down the ladder and then he got on and came down as well.

Scooting on the roof will do that to you.
Now you know, I’m one of those gals who never gets around to cleaning her rooftop.

Ravi came straight inside and drank and drank and drank, then ate, and drank some more. I think she really was up there all night long!

Here she is with her gallant rescuer. (She doesn’t much like the camera flash, which usually makes her eyes look like this.)

Ravi with her rescuer
Ravi: “Must we pose for this picture?”

And that was our morning!



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