A Great New Resource for Christian Unschooling!

The Christian Unschooling blog has been around for a while but had fallen into disuse. The original owner Heather and her friend Jessica decided to get it back on track and invited several Christian unschooling bloggers to become the new contributing core to build it into a great resource for Christian unschoolers. And one of the bloggers they invited was yours truly!

The new and improved Carma … now appearing on twice as many blogs as before! ;)

But enough about me. The new blog has a brand-new look, the older posts have been migrated to the new host site, and the big kick-off is next week … but you can get a sneak preview today if you head over to Christian Unschooling now. A brief introduction to all the new authors and their personal websites will give you a bit of the flavor you can expect. The theme for April is “what unschooling means to my family” – and I’ve seen the posts lined up for publication. Fabulous!

And there will be giveaways to celebrate the rebirth of the site! Books, t-shirts, coffee mugs, games … even chocolate!

Pop on over to Christian Unschooling now for your sneak peekand to subscribe, so you won’t miss any of these great posts! You can also follow Christian Unschooling on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing!

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