Just Wing It: Wedding Gift

I’d like to say she exaggerated, but … yeah, this is about right. Mind you, I knew we still had a wedding gift or three still in their original boxes – lovely glass serving platters. (I’ve packed and unpacked them for moving umpteen times already.)

So I was cleaning out cabinets and there they were, taking up space. I opened this gorgeous crystal platter with embossed swans, and brandished it for dramatic effect. He did look up briefly, and say that the swan plate looked familiar … which is more than I had expected, honestly.

If you’re one of my friends and getting married soon, you may receive a beautiful, mint condition, slightly ancient vintage serving platter as a gift! I promise they are beautiful enough to actually use!



Just Wing It is drawn by my 16-year-old daughter Noa. See all the Just Wing It homeschool cartoons!

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