I’ve Been Branded; or, The Miracle of Coconut Oil

I think I may have a permanent brand on my hand. Does that sound nicer than scar, or worse? I’m not sure. But it’s such a cool shape, almost a perfect diamond, that it looks more like a brand than a scar. Of course, it may yet fade.

I was taking something out of the toaster oven in a hurry, and I managed to lay the back of my hand down on the open oven door. Just for a second (oh believe me, just for a second), but lay it down I certainly did. The entire back of my hand was burning like crazy. I ran it under freezing water for several minutes, then put tea tree oil on it. After that I began bathing it in pure coconut oil, keeping it moist and covered for at least an hour and re-oiling it as soon as it started to soak in or dry out. Next morning, it looked like this:

Mind you, I burned the ENTIRE back of my hand on the glass of the door, all the way to my knuckles. The little diamond area is where I touched the metal strip at the top of the glass door of the oven, and either it was hotter or made more contact, so the burn was worst there. But the coconut oil completely healed the burn on the rest of my hand.

I have reached twenty-…  thirty-…  a certain age, where the skin of my hands seems to be very thin and delicate, and I have scarring even from minor scratches that never bled. But though the burn was so bad I could hardly bear to apply oil, the next morning it was completely healed, except for this small patch. Not only that, I can touch and even rub the entire area, including the red diamond area. It retains only a very minor sting, like a sunburn that’s almost gone.

I am continuing to apply coconut oil and nothing else. Forty-eight hours later, this is what it looks like:

The dark red spots inside the diamond are tiny scabby areas that aren’t quite scabs, and just rub off when I touch them. It is healing skin, not burned or scabby skin. There has been no pus or oozing whatsoever, and since the morning after the burn, I can move my hand and flex my wrist without any pain whatsoever. I have not had to bandage it or protect it from bumps. Despite the angry red look, it is almost completely healed.

The reason I grabbed the coconut oil for my burn was that I discovered two summers ago that it is nothing short of miraculous on sunburns. Much as with this burn, when I applied coconut oil liberally on my son’s bright red back, the sting was almost immediately removed, and the next morning his skin was brown. There was no peeling or flaking.

And then last summer, my daughter came home from camp looking like this:

She had sunburned her face early in the week, then sunburned again at a theme park the day before coming home. Her cheeks had already started to peel, so the new skin underneath burned. Worse, her calves looked simply awful. She could barely walk, and they were visibly swollen and tight. I immediately began applying copious amounts of coconut oil. Her face, which had already begun to peel from her earlier burn, stopped peeling almost immediately and instead healed, with the color evening out and the redness fading. It literally just stopped peeling. Her calves were in worse shape and took longer, but they also healed up in a few days and never peeled at all. Her chest and arms had a far more minor sunburn and we paid little attention to them as we were so concerned with her legs. Guess what? Her chest and arms peeled.

All that to say: get yourself some coconut oil! Best stuff on the planet. The only oils I use in cooking are coconut oil and grass-fed butter, occasionally olive oil, and rarely a nut oil for flavor. It is my go-to for anything to do with the skin, and does an amazing job removing makeup. And, as you can see here, it is almost unbelievably good at healing burns.

And at least, if I do scar, I’ll have a cool diamond tattoo-like shape to show for it!

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