Can You Teach?

Me vs. II’d like to answer this question from a public school teacher ranting on homeschooling: “So, first of all, homeschooling parent, you think you can teach English as well as me?”

Actually, Mr. Scaccia, I find myself wondering if you can teach English as well as I.

However, in the spirit of fraternity and community among teachers, I will hint that you might like to brush up on the proper use of me vs. I just a bit before your next stint in the classroom. And, just a suggestion: you might want to stop bragging about your English major unless you find a good proofreader. But hey, I guess it’s a step in the right direction that at least you didn’t say “as good as.”

2 thoughts on “Can You Teach?

  1. I tried to read some of the posts from that “Teacher, Revised” blog and it nearly made me jump out of my skin.
    What a sad excuse for thoughtfulness. Most of the readers/commenters are dissidents and rarely did anyone support her point in the discussion. blech.

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