Sweden Bans Homeschooling

Pippi LongstockingPoor Pippi Longstocking, the spirit of homeschooling and unschooling everywhere, has become an anachronism in her home country. While they have not technically banned homeschooling, Sweden has added a rider to the current laws that make it virtually illegal. While the law still allows for alternatives to public school, a new third requirement states that “exceptional circumstances” must be in effect. Under the Swedish judicial system, that is as close to a definitive “no” as you can get without an outright ban. The new laws include this note as to their motivation:

Current school conventions make it clear that the education in school shall be comprehensive and objective, and thereby be created so that all pupils can participate, no matter what religious or philosophical views the pupil or its legal guardian/s may have. In accordance with this it is the opinion of the Government that there is no need of a law to make possible homeschooling based on the religious of philosophical views of the family.

As Pat Farenga states in his blog post about this travesty: “So with the stroke of a pen we see how one’s religious and philosophical views are viewed as subjective baggage that government bureaucrats can dictate to be discarded and left at the door of government schooling.”

You can read the opinion of some Swedish homeschoolers in How the Swedish Government voted against a human right. They report that their government is unhappy with the international attention this issue has already garnered, and include a petition we can sign to support them in their fight against this outrageous ruling.

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