Kindergartner Suspended for “Intent”

A kindergartner in Queen Creek, Arizona, was suspended from school for thinking about bringing a knife to school. Not to hurt anyone; he just happened to see a folding pocketknife on his way to school and picked it up to put in his backpack. After a moment, he thought better of carrying it to school and took it out of his backpack and left it where he had found it, far from school grounds. The friends with him at the time talked about it, though, and it got back to the principal, who decided to expel the kindergartner the day before his kindergarten graduation.

When an investigative news team began following up on the story, the principal reinstated the student and said he had not realized that his kindergarten graduation was the next day. You can read the full news story here, if you have the stomach for it.

What a totally missed opportunity to reinforce a wise decision on the part of a five-year-old boy!

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