Obscure Holidays Can Add Interest to Your Homeschool Day!

Did you know that yesterday was National Hamburger Day? And today is celebrated as the official End of the Middle Ages Day! Who knew? But more importantly, if you did know, think of how much fun there is in picking up the obscure factoids that surround obscure holidays like these. As Bertrand Russell said, “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” With that in mind, you might enjoy a new blog that nominates an Obscure Holiday Funny T-shirt of the Day each day, with a few facts and links for further information.

Here’s a sample from the blog:

T-Shirt of the Day Award for End of the Middle Ages Day:
Unto The Hand shirt

So what IS the End of the Middle Ages Day? Well, on May 29, 1453, the city of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, fell to the Ottomans under Sultan Mehmed II, who had been beseiging it for months. Historians widely consider this to be the end of the Middle Ages, because Constantinople had been the center of scholarship, the repository of Greek education … and they tended to hoard it. With the influx of the Ottomans, the scholars of Constantinople scattered, and thus began the revival of education based on classical Greek scholarship which we call the Renaissance.

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