Subway Gets Fresh with Homeschoolers

So Subway has this essay contest which is open to children in pre K-grade 6 … unless they are homeschooled children. “No home schools will be accepted” is the exact language used on their contest page.

The contest winner receives, among other things, $5000 for athletic equipment for her school. Okay, I get it, the $5000 is not for a single family to win. But what a short-sighted decision! Wouldn’t it have been simpler to say that the winner could designate the institution of his choice to receive the $5000? Eligible institutions could include not only schools but community centers and playgrounds, recreational and homeschool sport leagues, and possibly even churches with community outreach programs.

I bet they get a huge backlash from the homeschool community. I admit, they’ve already heard from me.

0 thoughts on “Subway Gets Fresh with Homeschoolers

  1. well, one good thing came from their ignorance… i found your site. it’s always great to find more home school information!

  2. Thanks Debbie, and welcome to my site! I’m in the midst of moving house so not blogging too much right now, but of course I had to post a quickie on this silly Subway mess. I hope to get back in the swing as soon as we’re settled.

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