What a Week

I’m having the kind of week that I just hate. Not that things are going bad, just there are TOO MANY of them! This evening I am feeling like someone wired all my digits and plugged me into a socket and let me fry. (Yes, introvert, HSP, whatever you want to call it …)

The move is kicking into high gear. Monday I realized that I couldn’t keep Nova’s Wednesday ortho appt, so I called and asked if they had an opening that day. They did! So after loading up the van (we’re just taking a carload every time we go there) and zipping to the new house and unloading and measuring the closets and going to Home Depot Expo and setting up an appt for Classy Closets to come to the new house Wednesday, we had lunch and stopped at Savers (my fave second-hand store, to use my 30% off whole purchase coupon that was about to expire) to get some tops for me and all the beach towels they had (we now have a pool, yay, and want to be prepared) and two more hats for the kids’ ice skating lessons, we made it to the ortho appt, only 20 minutes late. Fortunately the appt after us was also late, so not a big deal.

Tuesday the usual Ladies’ Bible Class at church, and to the park after for an hour to let the kids play with friends from Bible class. I brought back two extra kids to my house while their mom went on a job interview, and while they were playing I took all the seats out of the van and boxed up a whole bookshelf and put the boxes in the van and then a bunch of toys and kids’ books to take over there (see Wednesday** for why) and then loaded a bunch of Christmas boxes as well. The other kids got picked up, The VP got home and we loaded up the back of his car also (and of course he rearranged everything I had done in the van LOL), and I took one kid in the front seat and he took three with him and we went to the new house and unloaded, then stopped at Panda Express for dinner.

Woke up about 4:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I caught up on email that I missed for two days. Showered, put together a bunch of food and plates, etc, to take to the new house, and rousted everyone out of bed to be ready to head over at a moment’s notice since the new carpets were being put in today! The guy called at 7:30 so we hopped in the car and headed out. Not much to do except let the carpeters in and watch the kids swim which they did with great, if slightly purple, enthusiasm. (Yes, the pool is still quite cold, at least partly due to two lovely palms that shade it starting about 1:00 which is GREAT because it means less sunscreen!) Oh, and the Classy Closets guy came and remeasured the closets (WHY did I spend time doing that on Monday?) and try to avoid the smell of the glue or something the carpeters were working with. YUCK. Read several books to the little kids (**see, that’s why I brought over so many toys and books) and two chapters of The Thief (Megan Whalen Turner, READ IT and love it for yourselves, then give it to your kids), then friend P who lives near the new house came over after lunch to see the house and swim and just hang out. The carpet they removed is quite new, so P and I were discussing what a waste that was, and decided to give it to her SIL whose husband is a bum (according to P, I don’t know the man!) and hasn’t had a job in years and SIL has to deal with nasssty carpets. So P’s DH came over with his trailer and we loaded it up with rolled carpet and padding – the carpeters had already loaded it onto their trailer, couldn’t very well ask them to do double work and unload it. But we did make the kids help, LOL. Oh, met two neighbors across the street while we were out there, and me with no makeup and my hair in a messy pony, and carpet fluff all over my shirt. 8-/  The carpeters finished up about 4:00. I hung up wet towels and swept up Cheerios and headed home. The kids got to pop mini pizzas in the oven, and I had a bowl of soup and crashed in front of the computer.

Tomorrow we have a play to attend in the morning, then getting my nails done at 12:30 which I normally do on Wednesdays during music lessons but we cancelled music lessons today for obvious reasons. Then I drop the big kids off for their art class and head back home to meet my handyman who has been doing several fixup things around the old house. Including trying to fix our front door handle which has been wonky. He couldn’t figure out how to get the replacement part he needed because he couldn’t figure out what kind of lock it was, until Tuesday when he called me to tell me that the lock is made in ENGLAND for pete’s sake. So I think replacing the whole handle even though it is a giant all-in-one handle/lock that will cost well over $100, maybe $200, will be cheaper than getting the replacement part. [grrr] Then back to pick up the kids from class. And pack some more.

Aannnddd … Friday. We have ice skating lessons in the morning, then straight to the park for park day. Which I enjoy but always exhausts me; as soon as we get in the car I just deflate and can barely drive home.

So, busy, busy week; no time for cooking, email, or packing. Being out all day is just tiring to me; don’t know if it is the driving or the heat (it is getting hot here) or dealing with people … just tiring. I want to get this move OVER WITH already. Now that the carpets are in, the only other thing that really needs to be done before the "real move" is getting a pool fence up. Besides just being safe, it is actually illegal in this city to have a pool without a fence between the back door and the pool if there are children under seven in the house (there is of course a fence all around the whole yard, but there has to be a safety fence to keep out kids who live in the house).

Next week is almost as scheduled already, and very little I could easily cancel. If you made it this far, I can use prayers for energy to PACK! (The VP is taking off Friday to pack, while we are all out of the house and he can just put his head down and work uninterrupted.)

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