A Pox on My House!

Chicken pox has blessedly come and now just as blessedly gone for my four now-immune children. The pox parties are over (yes, a few people wanted to come over); life is returning to normal. Expect new posts very soon! 🙂

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Chicken Pox

Yes, Lock has some on his tongue, Kyro has one directly on his lower eyelid, and Mink has one on her eyeball! Yikes!

But it was all over with very fast, without too much distress. First Nova and Lock caught it from someone at church, then two weeks later Kyro and Mink came down with it, having caught it from their older siblings. So glad they got it over with finally!

Nova and Lock weren’t too uncomfortable and made do with oatmeal baths. When Kyro (6) and Mink (4) got it, they were much more uncomfortable. I had started reading up on homeopathic remedies for chicken pox, so I had the homeopathic remedy rhus tox ready for them. Their pox ran its course much more quickly than the others! Nova and Lock had blisters for seven or eight days before everything finally started drying up. Kyro and Mink, on the other hand, with regular doses of rhus tox, were starting to dry up on the fourth day (at least three days earlier!) and their old blisters were clearing up by one week, when their older siblings had just started drying out. Love that homeopathy!

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